Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Internship research

     When I was considering internships, I wanted to primarily focus on interning with a company that deals with animation, video game development, or film production. For starters, I went onto the company website for RoosterTeeth. This company, based off of YouTube, has jobs dealing with video game reviews, animated series, and short story filmmaking. Many of the interns they have simply have to request an internship, show some of your experience with your desired field, and come in for an interview. Some interns have even begun working for the company in permanent positions. The second internship I researched was Walt Disney Studios, which focuses on art and animation. Since this program has housing it will be convenient for the summer. It also offers positions to people in my standing, those who are completing their sophomore year. Blizzard, to me, has some of the most interesting opportunities for internships as they focus on careers that I would like to have in the future. As for jobs, I have researched video game companies such as Blizzard based in California and animation company DreamWorks. The only career opportunity I saw at DreamWorks was an art director but of course, much experience is needed.