Wednesday, March 27, 2013

quick test animation

animation test:

I need to practice on the masks of the cars more but this is pretty much how it will look...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Elevator line, theme, etc.

Elevator Line: Enter a game of two bored, otherworldly kids causing havoc in our reality.

Theme: Be careful to not take on challenges that can easily be over your head; being overly boastful will only cause trouble.

Explanation of tone/execution: I want this project to be light-hearted. I also want the characters to have dramatic expressions to exhibit their emotions (since there will be minimal dialogue).

***These are some examples of other videos: 

Here's a parody of a stereotypical anime comedy with live action added in it from Smosh Cartoons...though I don't want real people to interact with the animated characters as they do in this, moving objects will be going on in the background.

Another prime example is of course the movie Space Jam too.

Target Audience: Most likely kids who enjoy animation and others who like animation hybrids. 

Act Structure


   Inciting Incident:
        The game maker prompts the two bored kids with a competition: who can create the ultimate prank in the real world. A reward will be given to the winner.

   Plot Point 1:
        The two kids go into the real world. The girl is behind and is almost caught by the head of the APF because of what the boy did. She escapes, however, not without the chief getting a picture of her for his wanted posters.

   First Culmination:
     The girl seems to have figured out an ultimate prank, in which she is about to act on.

       The girl first spots all the wanted posters of herself plastered around the town. She realizes she has to keep on the down low to avoid being caught. Meanwhile, the son APF officer is inducted into the force by his father and he heads out to start his first patrol.

   Plot point two:
        After the officer and the girl collide, the officer has some sort of realization and the chase to catch her begins.


        The new officer finally catches up to her and she believes it’s all over. As he gets closer and grabs her, ending the terror in the town, she believes she will go to a “foreign” prison in the real world.

        The officer simply wanted to stop her to hand over her bag containing her transportation device, in which she gives up on her quest and gets out of the real world as quick as possible. The boy obviously wins while the girl learns her lesson in the end.

Monday, March 18, 2013

revised character designs

Boy and Girl Trickster

Captain and Son in training



Final Concept: Redo of story

***Based on the last critic, I decided to change a few points and add a few things to the story. So, I'm just going to list the basic plot points in short terms.

-The story begins with two animated "imp" children in the land of animation. They are clearly bored until another imp decides to play a game and hold a competition between the two children: who can pull off the most tricks or the ultimate trick. They decided to take the quest. As the main imp game maker gives them their transportation devices (the only method to go into the real world) they head out. 

-Because the girl character is somewhat dimwitted, she doesn't understand how to use the device right away and struggles to get it to work while the boy gets a head start in the game. Eventually she learns how to use the device and makes it to the real world. Here she sees the town already covered in mishaps. The girl realizes she desperately has to catch up and as she is about to pull one prank, she is caught by the captain of the Animated Police Force, animated characters who are in charge of other animated characters living in the real world. He believes she is the cause of all the other problems. She somehow manages to escape but not without the captain getting a picture, in which he later creates the wanted posters with. The girl begins to plan her ultimate prank.

-Now there is a cut to the captain of the APF inducting his son into the force, though he is not paying attention to anything he has to say. The son then goes onto his first patrol. Later, the girl spots the wanted posters, tries to tear them down, but then discovers there are hundreds of them (this part is the same as it is in the last story). As the son is on his first watch, he bumps into the girl who is running and the two fall to the ground. As the girl spots his badge, she quickly leaves the scene. The man appears to have a sudden realization and begins the chase.

-The girl tries to get away as the police son tries to catch her. She decides she should just go back to the animated world as she failed the task, until she realizes that she dropped her bag containing her magical transportation thing. The chase continues in different parts of the city. Eventually, he catches up to her by physically attacking. After the son appears to be really serious about the issue, he reveals to her that the only reason he stopped her was to give her back her bag. The girl admits she is not cut out for real worlds mischief and quickly returns to her own world before seeing her rival basically overtake the city, flying under the radar while she took all the blame. 

- In the ending the son is off duty and sees a poster with the girls picture on there, realizing his stupid mistake, and attempts to find the girl before his father finds out. Also, the two kids are back in the animated world while the boy celebrates in his prize and she sits in the corner sulking. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Final Project Concept

For my final concept, I've decided I want to go in the same direction I went with the digital analog digital assignment, bringing animated characters into real space. However, this time around, instead of using a still image, I want to use actual video. The characters will be the only things animated in this real space and these characters will follow a short simple story I plot out. The story will have no dialogue, only sound effects.

The plot will be somewhere along these lines:

The short starts out with a female character...

(Not the final sketch but close to it..a rough design)

She's out in town creating chaos as usual when suddenly she spots a "wanted" poster that has her picture on it for being a town nuisance. As she sees it, she attempts to tear it down and believes herself to be successful until she sees the walls filled with hundreds of the posters as she walks down the block. 

In her attempt to run, she collides with a security guard. The security guard helps her to her feet but because of her "wanted status," she quickly runs away. This is when the guard realizes something is amiss and begins the chase after her. 

They run through different areas of Memphis in a short montage of scenes.Once she finally thinks she has gotten away, she is startled by the fact the guard has caught up to her. She then surrenders after becoming tired of such a long chase until the guard simply tells her is was chasing her for the sole purpose of returning her dropped wallet. Dumbfounded, the girl wanders off in a daze, relieved to get away free.

Sometime later, while the security guard is on break and eating, he realizes the poster with the picture of the girl he let go on it. Realizing his stupid mistake, he angrily runs off to find the girl again.

**I don't know if I entirely want to use this exact story. I might change it a bit according to the feel of the story later. I want the characters to be really comically animated in their expressions while also having a simple story.